Brief tadabbur of the Quran,1 juz a day with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

If you’re planning to Read & Understand Quran this Ramadan but don’t have enough time to go through the entire text and translation then spare some time & listen to the short explanation of some verses from each Juz per day. It will hardly take 5-10mins!

Juz 1: 

Juz 2:
Juz 3:
Juz 4:
Juz 5:
Juz 6:
Juz 7:
Juz 8:
Juz 9:
Juz 10:
Juz 11:
Juz 12:
Juz 13:
Juz 14:
Juz 15:
Juz 16:
Juz 17:
Juz 18:
Juz 19:
Juz 20:
Juz 21:
Juz 22:
Juz 23:
Juz 24:
Juz 25:
Juz 26:
Juz 27:
Juz 28:
Juz 29: 

Juz 30: 

PS: Please forward and help your fellow Muslims to Understand some portion of Quran this Ramadan, inshaAllah.

Allah reward immensely the person who took the time to compose this message and us too for spreading something beneficial.


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